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Tis the season for online shopping and one of my favorite stops on the World Wide Web is TopShop.  With amazing items for every different aspect of your wardrobe, what started as a pause on my holiday shopping sites resulted in hours of perusing TopShop looks.  Here are a bunch (and this isn’t even everything I want/love) of choice picks from TopShop, and yes, they deliver… 

Pants: I love these metallic denim skinny pants and these wide-leg sequined bottoms would look amazing with a black tank top and a strappy sandal.

Tops:  The holidays are packed with events and everyone needs a cute party-top to thrown on and head out in.



Dresses:  Who doesn’t need another party dress?!  These looks channel the 60’s- think drugstore cowboy meets Twiggy.  And don’t forget the new alterna-dress, the jumpsuit.  TopShop manages to make the one-piece Studio 54-fabulous.

Jacket:  I love this fringe leather jacket that would add my favorite rock’n’roll element to any outfit (think a formal gown and this jacket thrown over it- amazing).

Shoes:  No shopping experience is complete without time for footwear.  Can you say grey suede go-go style boots and amazing Virgin Suicide loafer-clogs?

Accessories:  Finally, I want TopShop accessories (all of them if possible!).  An amazing signature collar necklace, a ring with fringe (yes, paleez!), a gem-encrusted purse, a stacked belt and teal studded driving gloves are just a few of the show-stopping baubles on this site.

I always love the vibe in the TopShop store and it turns out their online shopping is just as aesthetically pleasing.  With super-cool essentials and fashion forward taste-makers driving this ship, these clothes are just a taste of what awesome stuff is available at this originally English retailer.  The fun thing is all these great pieces are just a click away and for me it is just another day of inspiring cyber-window shopping…

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