LKisStyle: Breaking the Fashion Rules, Part Three


I remember hearing about this as a child: whatever you do, do NOT mix pink with red…Another age-old fashion rule that deserves to be explored and expunged.  I think it is interesting that red is the color for the sultry seductress and pink is the color chosen for the innocent little girl, and these two dichotomous extremes are historically not a welcome mix…On a more superficial and aesthetic note, it would seem that these colors are too similar to be combined without “clashing.”  I think they are fabulous together: an unexpected mixture of the soft femininity and the dramatic.

If you don’t believe me, believe the fact that celebs are sporting this look put together by the premiere stylists in the industry.

What to do about redheads? Inherently this rule bans redheads from ever wearing pink!  And what a travesty, as pink is the perfect color to complement the fair hue of a redhead’s skin tone.  I think it looks supremely sophisticated (okay, and maybe secretly I have always wanted red hair!) and two of the most gorgeous redheads that I know (Dr.AC and Suzanne W.) can look absolutely gorgeous in pink…if you need more proof: um, can anyone say Molly Ringwald circa 1986!?

If you aren’t ready to go whole-hog in a red and pink outfit, try an accessory that combines these two colors.  Check out these amazing pink suede fringe Louboutins with the classic red sole:

If you are feeling bold, try mixing red and pink in fabrics, which has a totally sophisticated vibe, as seen on the runway at Louis Vuitton (and ps: check out her hair!).

This Valentino pattern highlights and celebrates the contrast:.

I have said it before and I will say it again (and probably again):  fashion rules are made to be broken, reinterpreted, mixed up and turned on their head.  Maybe I am just the kid at the back of the fashion-class acting up, but I think that riling the masses is what true style is all about.

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