LKisWedding: Montreal Bridal Boudoir Event, Part 1


It seems I have weddings on the brain, and it felt pretty good to totally indulge in this preoccupation at the Montreal Bridal Boudoir Affair this past Sunday.  With a lengthy fashion show, followed by all kinds of scrumptious treats and presentations from various suppliers, this weddingpalooza was a bevvy of info and entertainment.

The day began with two guest speakers.  First up was Pascale Jacquin, editor-in-chief of Mariage Quebec, who touched on major wedding trends for 2011:  think organic, natural, simple, shots of colour, braided hair, layers of tulle and short dresses for the daring.


Then there was the highlight of the day- the adorable Jacqueline Weppner, the founder and editor of  She broke down the bride into five major categories (such as the DIY bride, the romantic bride and the retro bride) and encouraged the audience to incorporate the different style elements to reflect one’s own aesthetic.  Jacqueline also had a list of awesome wedding blogs to consult like:,,, and

The next part of the event was a fashion show, featuring various scenes from different designers. First, there were gowns by Marie Saint Pierre, which brought to life the organic vibe articulated by Pascale Jacquin earlier:

Second up was Andy The-Anh and one flowing emerald green dress in particular caught my eye:

Cristianne Brunelle Couture Nuptiale was the third collection shown and these more classical wedding gowns were fit for a fairytale.

The fourth scene was La Perle Blanche and I thought the dress with a hint of gold and blush certainly made a gorgeous statement.

The next collection was full of energy with Betsey Johnson frocks flouncing down the runway.  A black gown with peek-a-boo fuchsia tulle, worn by none other than Fashionista514, was definitely noteworthy.

The undergarments shown by Grenier Lingerie alluded to how adventurous the wedding night could be.

In addition to the clothes, there was plenty of entertainment: a showgirl, a striptease and an acrobat all gave new meaning to the idea of possible wedding reception acts….

My girl, Mich, and I finished watching the events and made our way down to the nibblies and the vendors’ floor (more on that in Part 2).  Overall, the show was (while at times maybe a bit long?) totally packed with fun tips and fashions and tons of people to take it all in; meaning that Montreal’s bridal market is alive and kicking.

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