LKisWedding: Montreal Bridal Boudoir Event, Part 2


No one tells you that a wedding is an near impossible task.  Wait. That is not entirely true.  People do hint at how much work it is or how it brings out the “best” in those around you….In order to alleviate the tensions or stresses of planning a wedding, the Montreal Bridal Boudoir Event brings together tons of fabulous vendors in one spot, to provide insight into what is needed, and who can provide said services, for your special day.  I had the chance to peruse the different suppliers’ stands, taste their delicious food and watch as excited bride-to-be’s mingled.  A few suppliers really captured my imagination with new and interesting ideas for a wedding.

No one loves a candy bar more than me, but how cool is it to have a salty snacks bar?!  This is exactly what Nicolina Servello Food provided (they do all kinds of gourmet delicacies and catering, too).  They had a display with adorable glass jars, labelled with a description of the scrumptious eats.  There was no doubt that this would be a great addition to any event bar.

…and ps: lots of caterers were doing cake balls.  Sounds gross, but tastes delicious: picture a perfect delicate sphere of cake, enrobed in fondant and drizzled with chocolate, on a stick perched in a little foil cup- a great item for a sweet table or even as an alternative to a giant wedding cake.

I also loved the treats by L&V Sweets.  They had monogrammed options, and cookies in the shape of bridal gowns, tuxes or wedding cakes (these happened to also be delish).

One of my favorite sightings at the Bridal Boudoir Event were the rings by Artisans du Passage.  I know some people get a tattoo of the name of their true love (ask Eva Longoria if this is a good idea)… While I do like the passionate notion, I prefer a new and improved method of being over-the-top in love: the fingerprint ring.  Get that same intense idea of declaring your adoration for your significant other by getting wedding bands with each others fingerprints on them.

Another cool service provider I came across was Andrea Hausmann Photography.  This is not run-of-the-mill wedding photogs.  In fact, totally intriguing was the offer of private photoshoots for vintage portraiture, in pin-up and boudoir style.  There are all different packages (what a great idea for a bachelorette party!) complete with champagne and pre-photo primping.

Weddings are all encompassing and at times overwhelming.  Lacking the party-planning gene? Don’t feel like worrying about getting creative? Or don’t want to hire a wedding planner? This Bridal Boudoir Event was the perfect spot to enjoy the wedding process, feel special (as all brides should!) and sample some of the great ideas and treats available for weddings in and around Montreal.  Now, if only I could come up with a better name than cake balls…

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