LKisObsession: Shoe Alert, Charlotte Olympia


Every now and then someone shows you something and all you can think is: Omigawd, where have you been all my life????!!!!!  Well, that is the sensation that I had when one of the coolest people I know (shout out to my soon-to-be/already is my second mom, MS) sent me a link quite simply stating a new shoe obsession that she was about to pass on.  The designer’s name is Charlotte Dellal.  Aside from her status as uber-cool British aristocracy, she also manages to create shoes that completely blow my (and MS’s) mind.  Her footwear line, Charlotte Olympia, is a culmination of what I would like to coin the three shoe suggestions- notions that are near and dear to my heart: (1) go for height, cuz there is nothing sexier that a long leg, (2) go bold, as that is what shoes are for and it is hard to mess up impact on your feet, and (3) start your outfit from the feet up….with Charlotte Olympia shoes these suggestions are easy to implement:

These are truly “it” shoes.  I would totally pick these shoes and then pick the dress to go with them.

Lucite heels add an unexpected and delightful edge.

A little S&M never hurt anyone….

These wedges add tremendous height while still invoking elegance.

The Mercury Shoe- would look good with absolutely anything.  I am not even sure how something so original manages to also be the perfect basic shoe…

Another whimsical part of this fabulous footwear line is the signature gold spider web found on the soles of each pair.  I need these shoes.  I want these shoes. All of them.

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