LKisShops: Florida, Part One- (the totally) Worth Avenue


Welcome to Worth Avenue, and it is exactly what it sounds like: a high-end string of shops on a gorgeous strip in Palm Beach, Florida, which, legend has it, is the wealthiest zip code in America.  High-end actually might be an understatement.  The people seen perusing the shops on this street are decked out in designer duds and ducking into stores that exemplify quality shopping.  Here are a few of my favorite spots:

First stop, duh, Saks Fifth Avenue.  This version of the famed department store is small and quaint and totally packed with some of the best pieces from designer collections.  The shoe department is extremely notable.

Next pop into the boutiques:  Manzoni, Next and Gypsy all carry interesting and very fabulous girly gear.  It would not be hard to spend heavily in any of these stores.

If you are a designer-seeking youngster, head to the big Juicy Couture store…okay, I looked too…

If you are really from Palm Beach (or have a home there) you gotta get into the Palm Beach look and nothing embodies that vibe better than Ralph Lauren (although I don’t recommend taking pictures in the store.  Yours truly got in trooooouble!).  Preppy chic is a commen aesthetic in this vacation town and this store brings this notion to life.

The key part of any preppy-chic look?  The cashmere sweater, obviously.  At Trillion every pastel shade and every cut of cashmere is sumptuously displayed.  I particularly coveted a green cable knit swing sweater that I would love to wear with my white Rock & Republics and a pair of gold sandals….

Don’t forget that Palm Beach is still a beach town and so you have to stop into Dokkim for the perfect beach accessory: the ultimate straw bag.

If you really want to break the bank, make your way to Giorgio’s of Palm Beach, which has windows that literally made me drool and the price tags to match.

Finally, don’t leave Worth Avenue without peeking in at the unbelievable jewels.  The real stuff blew my mind and the costume jewelery is just as remarkable at the fantastical Mariko.

Palm Beach is an amazing spot:  Tons of people-watching, beautiful clothes, decadent restaurants, quaint clean streets, jaw-droppingly beautiful homes and an extra touch of class that can’t be found in most other places.  A day on the beach here is true vacation, but you can’t beat a stroll down an avenue that, in my opinion, completely earns its name.

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