LKisEvents: Montreal Fashion Week, RUD by Rudsak


I love accents…buckles, fur trims…for me, it’s all in the details.  And what could be more intriguing than outerwear that embraces the little things, enhancing the overall experience of putting on one’s coat.  RUD by Rudsak fashion show at Montreal Fashion Week No.20, was edgy, accessible, referenced punky rock ‘n’ roll elements and had a don’t-mess-with-me sexiness that I can totally get into.

Attention to the little things came up in unexpected and refreshing ways like fur sleeves and ribbons of fur around the base of a coat.

I was feeling the mod squad (the remake?) when warmer weather jackets graced the runway- an adorable poncho and a belted perfect-for-a-fall-walk-in-the-woods jacket and blazer.

As far as styling goes, leather pants and painted on leather leggings.  On boys, on girls.  Somehow these garments managed to look cool and effortless, like your favorite pair of jeans.

The highlights for me: A model channelling a forties flight captain/dominatrix with a short belted jacket and a flouncy leather skirt that mixed bad girl with school girl (always a winning combination)….

…and an cool and wintry grey coat with matching boots. The color is one I haven’t seen often enough in outerwear and has an icy elegance to it.

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