LKisEvents: Montreal Fashion Week, Soia & Kyo


What do you get when you mix forties aviation, military fashion and all around fabulosity?  Welcome to the Soia & Kyo show at Montreal Fashion Week No. 20.  All that was missing:  An off-duty martini and a pithy round of flirty dialogue (preferably between, my all time favorite, Marlene Dietrich and Humphrey Bogart)….

 Khakis and browns, khakis and browns:  The models strutted to these muted sophisticated colors.  Perfect for staying warm during Fall/Winter 2011…or sending Morse code…

Collars lined with fur were the perfect accent to these stylish outerwear pieces.

The styling for this show was slick and innocently sexy (is that even possible?).  Knee-length hemlines, opaque knee-highs and feminine shades:  The ladies looked like you wouldn’t want to mess with them, but you would want them to crack the enemy spy’s code.

The boys had clean cut hair and all-American victory written all over them.  Thick ribbed collars and fitted pea coats emphasized the whole stoic hero vibe.

This line was not surprising in it’s simplicity and wearability.  These coats and jackets will be easy for anyone to throw on over a pair of jeans or a pencil skirt…to complete the outfit though, just don’t forget your (maybe not) prescription eyeglasses and red lipstick.

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