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I have come to realize that with every fashion show, there is style both on and off the runway.  This February’s Montreal Fashion Week No.20 was no exception.  With a ramping up of the overall hype, sponsorship presence and runway fashions that were bigger and better, the show-goers rised to the personal-style-occasion. I saw an array of fashionable and next-level tidbits that caught my eye…

First up, crimped hair was utterly awesome on the fabulous, Vitamin Daily Montreal editor, Jennifer Naschen.  This updated version of the traditionally 1980’s ‘do was totally noteworthy.

Next, the new and improved accessory:  I was ridiculously into this epaulette/belt accent (The bepaulette? The epaubelt?).

A sparkly Le Chateau cuff also took the concept of  the bracelet to new levels (I will be buying this, people).  Sparkly and fitted, the piece was a conversation starter and demonstrates how this Montreal-based brand is evolving.

Is fur wrong?  Not everyone in the fashion set thinks so: a fab coordinating fur cuff and matching handbag in this wintry texture.

So what did I wear?  Well, on day three I popped on a vintage shimmery St. John dress:

And then for my grand finale: Over-the-top updo by the talented Tanya from Studio Giovanni Miloncini, a burgundy feather scarf, drop earrings by accessories genius and best friend, Montreal based Tova and a shiny lavender boyfriend blazer…

The whole vibe at this season’s Montreal Fashion Week No. 20 seemed to be about taking it up a notch and the energy was palpable.  It all made sense: getting in the game, Montreal is living up to its stylish reputation.

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