LKisStyle: Seeing Red


I read a great blog post the other day about the trials and tribulations of one woman when it comes to red lipstick.  This cosmetic decision can be utterly overwhelming (and sometimes it just doesn’t work).  But it’s funny: after I read what Hudson and Co had to say, and saw her lovely photo sporting the look so often associated with being a sultry vixen, I suddenly became totally hyper-aware of the dramatic look and curious about how it works and why it does:

I went for dinner on a Friday night and sat next to a girl at this dinner party.  I told her that I dug her red lipstick look and she went on to explain that it was how she rallied on nights when she decided to go out after a long day of work.  Red lipstick is her “awake look.”

Then on the Saturday night I ran into an old friend (TG: to nice girls, right?!)  who has a totally classically pretty face.  She too was sporting fiery lipstick and there was something great about her dainty feminine facial features contrasted with the stark colour of her lips. 

It got me thinking what is the best red lipstick?  Well, Hudson and Co swears by Joe Fresh Matte Lipstick in PoppyChanel to me is the poster-child for womanly elegance and hence the perfect red and I also like Mac Red.

Now, I don’t wear lipstick often (if ever, it is usually seventies-style frosted pink, gold, or silver), but every now and then I decide to take it up a notch in one fell swoop with a bold painted pucker.  Red lipstick embodies what classic makeup in our everyday lives is all about: a little fantasy and a touch of glamour.  Here are a couple of my looks over the years, in red:

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