LKisObsession: Noir’s Super(hero) Jewelry


I love comic book superheroes.  After a youth filled with Saturday afternoons immersed in my brother’s comic collections and after watching marathons of Batman and Superman, it is no wonder.  Top off the stories of super-human strength with bright colors and exaggerated silhouettes and you have the recipe for an aesthetic that is any (and particularly this) fashionista’s dream.  When I heard that jewelry fantasist Noir had created a line in conjunction with DC Comics, I was thrilled to uncover the results.  A whimsical group of must-see/have accessories, chock-full of superhero references that hearken back to hours of my childhood spent on teal blue carpet with piles of my favorite books (what those is the know call: comics).

Wonder Woman was the little girl’s answer to super-hero-dom. I aspired to be the amazon brunette, kicking ass in a bustier! Check out the amazing inspired cuff (I kinda wanna wear one on each arm) and rings.

Superman was the ultimate catch: geek by day and hero by night.  He gave the impression that under every nerdy exterior, there could be a baby blue and red suit waiting to pop out and save you.  I love this Superman necklace and ring. 

If you are more of a villain-type, snap up Catwoman’s ominous claw ring and channel her sultry, but equally deadly sass…

 And, finally, Batman: the dark, brooding bazillionaire was too dreamy for words.  The lonely moneybags was the best balance of aggro and stoic…maybe that is why I am dying for the Batman double-finger ring and the Gotham city ring. 

The creators of these superheros injected my little life with color and zeal, through unique aesthetics that are totally captured by the pieces in Noir’s collection…Now, if only they actually gave you superpowers…..

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