LKisEvents: A Tour of my LG Fashion Week Blogging Experience


So, after my second stint as the official style blogger for LG Fashion Week, Beauty by L’Oréal Paris, I can’t help but relive the craziness.  My day literally began writing at 6:00 am (my deadline is in the am- I have to get a head start, so that the awesome girls at the FDCC can approve and post the blog entry for me).  I would then try to snooze until about noon, and then it was time to wake up, shove something in my face, and head to the marathon of shows. 

When I would first walk into Heritage Court at Exhibition place, there was a fab red carpet and I never knew who I was gonna see…like maybe fellow Montrealer and amazing designer Denis Gagnon!

So, between the shows, I meandered about chatting with folks and taking street-style photos.  The media lounge was a spot where I could sit down and write a couple of notes to myself for the blog.

If I got hungry, I could head over to the little chic snack spot, where lotsa fashion-folks would gather for a glass of wine, a wrap and some chats.

Some of the shows were held in the smaller runway space called the Studio, and I was allowed to sneak in early and check it out.

Getting seats in the main runway room was always busy and hectic, but thanks to my gig, sympathetic seatmates (thank you Marcus!), the amazing volunteers (you guys were amazing!!!) and the ladies at the FDCC, I got a great spot every time.

My pass allowed me to go backstage and see where the magic happens- models snacking and chilling in full makeup…

I also got to check out hair and makeup being done – I loved the tables filled with L’Oréal Paris product and a sneak peak at the makeup books: immensely thick bound volumes of all the different looks for the shows, for each makeup artist to consult.

My days were long, but packed with my kind of activity: attending fashion shows, writing, snapping photos, chatting, making friends, and checking out the different sponsored stuff around the venue. 



All-in-all, an incredible day’s work…and then I got to wake up and do it again!



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