LKisEvents: Red Bull 1976


I was brought up embracing the cold weather and hitting the slopes.  So, it is no surprise that I also love apres-ski culture and it’s great effortless look: the fashion is casual and chic, all at the same time.  Well, what better event to embrace my childhood skiing and the apres-ski fashions I adore, than Red Bull 1976.  This event was a multi-disciplinary ski competition that celebrates Snowbladecross and Old School Air (and all the crazy clothes that went with the era). 

The teams of four were totally into it.  One team was getting their 70’s groove on, complete with handle-bar moustaches:

Another team was feeling the disco vibe.

My personal favorite was the neon team…who came complete with ski-shooters…

But just so we are clear, everything that is old is new again: check out this event-goer, who was wearing an O’Neill outfit that is coming out next season, in totally retro colours.

I was digging the snow-bunny look and sporting my Red Bull 1976 tuque.

And I literally wanted to steal these glasses off this guy’s face- amazing.

The best fashion statement was made by the event’s MC who was 70’s business casual…think Anchorman (and I am sure he was sporting Sex Panther by Odeon…60% of the time, it works every time)…

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