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I have a secret weapon.  I mean, I have a few secret weapons when it comes to beauty products, but this blog post is about one of the ultimates for me, blush.  When I head in to a meeting, I swing a brush across my cheekbones, forehead, eyelids and the bridge of my nose.  When I go to a party, I rarely fix my makeup, that is unless you count dusting a little colour onto my face.  You see, blush gives that allure of vibrancy.  It invokes the feeling of having just come inside from a crisp autumn day, just having met someone crush-worthy, or having just done something healthful and active.  It makes you look like you are living it up, and loving it, a look I can totally get behind. So, when I got an email from a reader asking about my favorite blush, well, it was a delight to respond with this post.

Blush comes in a variety of textures (cream, gel, powder) and each has its own benefits.  I find powder super-easy to blend, but cream is great when you crave staying power, and gel is ideal to get that perfect rosy look.

As for color, I try for a more pinky hue in winter and a little heavier on the brown in the summer, with the whole tan thing.  But ultimately, color choice is very subjective, and I always recommend going in and trying before buying.

So here are the ones that I have bought and loved over the years:

For powder (and my blond, pale, but sometimes freckly face) I recently started to go with MAC Dainty.  It has a great pinkish undertone and a touch of sparkle- subtle, I promise.  And I think it makes my skin look like it has woken up from its winter slumber.

My more reasonable version and more summer-ized blush is Revlon’s Powder Blush.  It goes on well and you can buy it in the pharmacy- works for me.

Then the secret weapon of secret weapons (ok, it’s not so secret given that it is on a bazillion different sites, magazine pages and faces, but whatever) is Tarte Cheek Stain.  This color is particulalry fabulous at giving you that flushed healthy and dewy glow.

 I guess my blush secret weapon is out, so if you see me in the bathroom or in my car brushing away, you know what I am up to.  But in then end, by exposing my secret weapon, I am just arming my favorite gals with an arsenal…now, watch out for us!

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