LKisObsession: Sucker for Summer Shoes


I could say I am shoe-obsessed…it wouldn’t be far from the truth and while I definitely do NOT need another pair of shoes, there is something about spring fever that brings out the Imelda Marcos in me…maybe it’s the impending mandatory pedicure (I think I might be one of two girls on the face of the earth who hates pedicures by the way) or maybe it’s the promise of warmer weather (and, my favorite, shorter hemlines) that makes me yen for fabulous summer footwear. So as I drift off into spring fever-dreams, here are my coveted shoes for summer.

Walking through Neiman Marcus in Palm Beach, I spotted these answer to my Louboutin prayers.  You see, for me, five inch heels with no platform are a special occasion shoe only these days, so I was delighted with these summer cork platforms that would be amazing everyday and night (complete with signature red sole).

My next love: Valentino poppy-red shoes with sparkle-y bow- perfect for taking your summer-wedding cocktail dress up a few notches.

Juicy Couture captured my heart with these Hermosa pink sandals adorned with blinged out discs (I admit, I bought them).  I couldn’t resist the gladiator style in candy pink, and wearing jelly-sandals made me feel (pleasantly) twelve again.

In the mood for something a little wackadoodle this summer?  Try the magic leopard print platforms (last seen on the site for everything cool: by Jeffrey Campbell….please let me know if you can actually walk in them!

Also nutbar are these open-toe skate shoes by JC (shoes or art?):

And if you wanna channel that laid-back seventies vibe that will be everywhere this summer, try these fringe wedges that scream hippie-cool (also by Jeffrey Campbell).

Finally, these Pradas are all about summertime fun. I would throw them on with a cute little black dress, a silver clutch, and my hair in a Simply-Irresistible-style bun.

I could go on forever (in fact I think that is why I write a style blog, so that I can in fact go on and on about fashion…forever).  Between the shoes and the changing seasons I am all charged up…now, I just need to work on getting into political office and I could probably give Imelda a run for her shoe-money…

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