LKisEvents: Pretty Ballerinas Fall Sneak Peak


What girl doesn’t want to be a ballerina? There is something about wearing a tutu, your hair in a bun and being decked out in girly pink…And, what girl doesn’t need a pair of flats?! I mean, somewhere in the last years, flats have become not just go-to comfy footwear, but an actual statement-making accessory. The Spanish line Pretty Ballerinas has harnessed that girly vibe in chic flats that would heighten any wardrobe (without adding height…). I attended a little sneak-peak cocktail party, where I got to check out their shoes in store and their line for Fall/Winter 2011.

I know we were supposed to be scoping out the Fall line, but I was immediately distracted by Summer! Check out the floret-covered flats that would make me feel like I am wearing a spring garden on my feet.

Then I was coveting the sparkly flats that gave new meaning to the expression twinkle-toes… (I want them in EVERY color)

The Fall line was totally awesome, with jewel tones and structured bows, it was all feminine and fabulous.

I adored the tongue-in-cheek-y footwear, like the I love you shoes….

… and the skeleton flats (which made me think: how adorable for a fashionable touch on Halloween?!).

Seeing as how I am a girl who seeks height (hardcore), I was pleasantly surprised that these shoes manage to keep you low to the ground without making you look like it. Check out the flattering (and totally eye-catching) pink satin pointy flats that one of the store-owners was rocking.

Fellow bloguette Candice Pantin from, was also there, checking out the pretty ballerinas and I was digging her over-the-knee socks, which would enhance any footwear, ladies.

My days of actual ballet were short-lived (I quit when I was eight!), and I moved onto gymnastics. However I never quite left behind my appreciation for the pretty ballerina aesthetics. Turns out this appropriately named shoe line can bring me right back…thankfully, minus the pliets.

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