LKisObsession: AllSaints Spitalfields


Every now and then I am late to the game… You see, I headed to NYC for the weekend and found myself flabbergasted that I had never been shopping at AllSaints. When I mentioned the line on Facebook- comments and messages abounded, because, you see people, I was apparently the last to know. And I was further confirmed on my latecomer-ness, when I looked around and saw how busy this AMAZING store was. Now, I should be thankful that I came across this unbelievable aesthetic, thanks to my fabulous friend VI, but in actuality, I am a mess…countless hours spent perusing and coveting their store and website, I am officially All(Saints)-obsessed.

The line is a mixture of incredible cuts, unique takes on volume and muted rock’n’roll undertones. I was floored by the store’s true-to-brand experience, with the wood and hardware- old school sewing machines melted my heart- that permeated the space.  Not to mention the awesome option of using ipads to experience the brand in a different and helpful way.

The best part about these clothes is the consistent mixture of cutting edge fashion with rustic metal and leather accents. The shapes and delicate fabrics are masterfully integrated with an underlying masculine component. The mix allows for innovative fashion that I simply cannot get enough of…

Check out my new AllSaints top that I snapped up while in NYC…I will definitely be back…

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