LKisObsession: Welcome to the Peacock Parade

I have lived in NYC and have experienced the joy of the New York sample sale. Finding treasures buried in some random room, on some random street for a ridiculously good price, for me, is like winning the lottery.
there are some things I despise about the sample sale: those makeshift changing rooms where you are forced to get undressed in an area that is about as private as a subway station and that has been constructed out of a hanging sheet, sifting through piles of stuff no one would ever want (ever) to try to find that coveted item, waiting in long lines to get in (hours for some) and then in more lines to pay. Not to mention trying to walk home carrying an oversized bag of stuff. The answer to this mayhem is the wonderful invention called the Internet. AND adding insult to injury is the fact that so many of the flash sale Internet sites (that let you avoid sample sale rage), are for Americans only…

Well, the Peacock Parade has figured this out and is offering up the perfect solution. The founders, Nancy Sahota and Jan Gandhi, are onto the Canadian fashionista’s dire need for a kick-ass site where flash sales abound.


Now, Canadians can enjoy the flash sale benefits, minus the physical jockeying for garments and annoying lines. From the comfort of your home and with ease of the Internet, this site promises to bring great designer deals to Canadians (not to mention up to 70% off their carefully selected designer merchandise)…Welcome to the Peacock Parade.


Ok, so the site is about to launch and they are giving away (yes, giving) a Chanel Classic Flap Bag to start off this new luxury Canadian based fashion flash sale site.

…talking about starting thing off on the right (designer) foot.


Membership to a flash sale site and a chance to win a Chanel bag? Oui, merci.
Happy shopping, ladies.



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