LKisStyle: Happy First Birthday to My Blog!


A lot can happen in a year…I started this whole blog thing as a way to express my fashion-y self and to start my endeavour into the world of fashion writing, social media consulting and styling…turns out it was a pretty darn good decision. If I think back on how it all started, I absolutely cannot believe what has happened because of LKisStyle (for the record, lovelies, I pronounce it like L-Kiss-Style- some folks thought it was L-K-is-Style: nope).

Thanks to all of you (the fine peeps who read this post), I actually have a blog. Like, a real one. And, I guess if I am feeling a bit nostalgic and a ton thankful, I wouldn’t mind taking a little trip down memory lane with a few of the highlights from this LKisStyle year….

Things I did wrong:

Well, with every journey (especially at the beginning) you make mistakes. My first post had no photos, which in my opinion is like watching a bad movie: Boooooring. I also was super-afraid to include my personal life on this whole “blog” thing, so I was busy posting photos with my head cut-off!!! Check it out:

Finally Getting it:

After a little help from some of my extremely supportive bloggy friends (Jen Nachshen, you rock my world, btw), I started to figure out that the point of a blog is to express who I am. And without a face to go with the voice, there really isn’t a point. SO, I sucked it up and posted moi

Starting to get Real: 

I began documenting my travels, my experiences, my style and lo and behold, I started to get noticed (thank you!!). Montreal Fashion Week in the Fall of 2010 was the first time I attended MFW in an official capacity. I was sitting on the front lines of fashion (a little nervous!) totally excited to be a part of the buzz and not just watching as an avid shopper. I saw amazing designers and felt proud of Montreal and it’s emerging talent.

LGFW Meet LKis:

Then came the opportunity of a lifetime, when I got called in to help the Fashion Design Council of Canada with their social media program, specifically as it related to LG Fashion Week, Beauty by L’Oreal Paris. Well, after a coupla meetings and a few sleepless nights writing an immense proposal, they decided that they wanted me to be the official style blogger for LG Fashion Week. I died. I was soooooo happy. Toronto has the second largest fashion week in North America, and here I was getting a chance to get behind the scenes and have front row access to a show I had been watching on TV since I was a little girl. The shows were the real deal and I was like a kid in a candy store, taking in the big names of Canadian fashion. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

I met incredible people at LG Fashion Week and it was even cooler to go back the second time and feel right at home. Spiro, JR, Marcus, Nour, JZ, Septembre, Seven Continents, AH, the folks at…to name a few- these guys kept me company when my feet were killing, switched seats with me so I could have a better angle, and helped me do the best job I could do. Not to mention the FDCC girls who made me feel like I was truly part of the team- the best.

Birkin Gets a Bride:

And, well, the year wouldn’t be complete without Birkin. You see, I married him not two months ago, and that made this year kind of crazy and spectacular on top of everything….

LKis is a Maxim Girl…the writing kind:

All of this culminated in my first fashion feature in the June and debut issue of Maxim Canada. After a chance meeting with the most energized people (ever), I was snapped up to join a team of superb folks who are starting this mag in Canada. I was charged with channeling a Maxim man and helping get his style on- a job I really enjoyed. Seeing my name in glossy print…pretty cool.

Next Up:

With plenty of projects in the works and tons of support from my friends and family, this whole fashion thing has been truly unbelievable and is happening on a trajectory that I never expected. When I first told my brother that I wanted to start a style and fashion blog, he totally encouraged me. I told him, “I just want to end up being a part of fashion week…eventually.” Well, year one and I can check it off my list (a few times over), along with lot’s of other fun stuff…What’s next? Bring it.



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