LKisEvents: Rolls Royce in Montreal


Nothing says luxury like a Rolls Royce.   It is an impressive vehicle that commands attention and respect and is synonymous with prestige (especially given its rather hefty price tag).  Well, the Rolls has made its way north of the border to Montreal, and Quebechas not had a Rolls-Royce franchise since 2003

The opening of this momentous powerhouse dealership was filled with a of collection admirers and potential buyers. 

These vehicles are massive and I think having a driver would be ideal. I kept wondering if I would be willing to give up driving (an activity I LIVE for) for a chauffeur in one of these classy monsters (you don’t really need me to answer this one, right?!)?

The room was packed with folks sipping champagne and eating yummy eats ( I love Java U). And slowly,

I came around to the idea…I mean I could totally do this…

So now I just need to practice my finger snapping so I can say:  Home, James

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