LKisEvents: Vichy Skin Health Centre at Luminato


I wear sunscreen. I swear. Everyday I put on 15 and head out, rain or shine…that doesn’t mean that I don’t sit in the sun though, and as I approached the Vichy Skin Health Centre (a giant cube set up as part of the LUMINATO, Toronto Festival of Arts and Creativity), I was regretting my sun-kissed habits.

There is just something about a sprinkle of freckles across your nose, or a tawny (in my case: rosy) glow to your cheeks and not to mention the warmth the summer sun gives you from the inside out (Vitamin D, okay?!).

But alas, as my age creeps up, I know that eventually my summers laying by the pool and ocean will inevitably show up on my face. So, I forged on, contemplating my upcoming beach vacation…

The cube was this cool free-standing structure in the middle of metro square and upon entering, I was given a skin diagnostic pamphlet. And then I headed to station one.

By using this special wand-dryness-measuring-thing-y, they told me that my skin was dry (like, Sahara dry), despite my twice-daily moisturizing regimen. First sample given was a hydrating cream- I will definitely be using that!

Next up, a station when I applied these little tabs on my cheek and forehead to see whether my skin was a combination of dry/oily. And guess what? Skin was dry…I know, I know. I got to skip the middle station (it was for damaged skin, and I nearly squealed with joy when I found out that does NOT include me).

And so I headed for the Vichy skin diagnostic camera. If it sounds scary, let me tell you: it is. A polaroid pops out and shows you all the damage lurking beneath your skin. Check out mine…eeps:

After I got my photo I headed for the conclusion of this diagnosis with my own personal technician.

A table was covered in lotions and potions and I was told my main concern should be protection (60 spf instead of 15 people, seriously) and prevention (retinol stuff should- hopefully- do the trick).

This was a totally eye-opening experience, not to mention a super-cool space for Vichy to demonstrate its fresh, innovative products.

Oh, and Vichy-technician-ladies, thank you for telling me I had nice skin: you successfully scared me into sun-avoiding-submission and made me feel fabulous simultaneously.

Self-tanner, anyone?

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