LKisEvents: Virgin Unite, Grand Prix, Montreal


I love a good party and a good cause. Turns out so does Virgin Unite, the rest of Montreal and you guessed it, Sir Richard Branson!

The party was held on the Friday night of Grand Prix weekend in Montreal, on the fabulous new floating spa called Bota Bota.

Picture this: I enter the fabulous party with my fabulous girlfriends and wearing my brand new dress with a gorgeous Micalla necklace (lent to me especially for the occasion!)….

 A mango cocktail is offered to me, I refuse. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, mango drink is, in slow motion, flying through the air and landing smack in the middle of my white-as-snow cocktail dress. Onlookers gasp, and I try to have my best “I never did mind about the little things” moment, as I wipe fluorescent yellow goop off my dress. After a few minutes soaking my dress in a bathroom sink (now, that was a humbling moment), I threw my hands up and decided to enjoy the party and hope no one would notice the tinge of yellow… Well, it’s safe to say that the party started out a little rough for me, but I promise it only got better and better.

The weather held up and the night began with cocktails on the roof. Needless to say, the bartenders serving drinks out of the jacuzzi were totally original.

It helps that Birkin was part of the dream team that threw together this serious event, and I had a blast. Little decor touches, delicious food (courtesy of Java U, and the delightful Danielle Bitton) and very cool entertainment- there was a ton to see and do at this uber-cool venue (yes, there were mermaids!).

Sir Richard Branson gave a lovely speech thanking everyone for coming (no, no, thank you, Richard).

I got to catch up with Sir Richard, and turns out he is the most down to earth spaceship owner I have ever met.

It was a fabulous evening (top it off with getting to hit the dance floor with the lovely Zoe Saldana and the incognito Bradley Cooper). The lights went down and I managed to party it up with Sir Richard Branson, white/yellow dress and all.

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