LKisEvents: 2011 Marketing Awards


I pride myself on being a creative person, but when I attended the 2011 Marketing Awards (in TO) with Birkin, I was like what the @%&$. Some of the ideas and winners presented with Marketing Awards were so freaking brilliant, I was floored.

The evening began with a cocktail party and ‘adguy’ shmoozing.

 I sported a cocktail dress and a blazer and tried to look my most ‘social media/bloggy’. Mostly, I hung back and chatted with a super-talented photographer.

Then it was time for the award ceremony and I have to say it was pretty cool.

Some highlights:

The TIFF Twitter campaign that corresponded with the Tim Burton exhibition at TIFF Bell Lightbox. SO, get this: Tim Burton started a story on Twitter based on one of his drawn characters called Stain Boy and then anyone could add a line to the story. Well, huge raging success when a bazillion people brought the story to life on Twitter. Very social-media-awesome.

Or the Super Sexy CPR video, featuring Fortnight Lingerie (gorgeous undergarments btw) that was so enticing that it was actually used to teach life saving techniques in the military!

A lot of admen were actually in Europe for the Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity. So, in true creative style: martinis were passed out to the entire audience and then raised to all those chilling in the South of France (my kinda’ awards ceremony).

It was pretty amazing to see how brands come alive and how marketing peeps come up with their creative mojo. Totally something I could toast to:

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