LKisJetsetter: A Market Day in Saint Maximin, Provence


As an avid shopper, I love a good market and as an avid traveller, I adore the French countryside.

Put ’em both together and let me tell you, a little slice of cultural, and retail, heaven.

Saint Maxmin is an authentic French village in Provence.

Grapevines and wineries line the winding roads that lead to this quaint little town and as it turns out, Wednesday is Market Day, with aisles upon aisles of delectable eats and fun stalls filled with stuff to buy.

I put on my rural French country-best, and headed off with Birkin to explore the sights, smells and sounds.

A feminine floral sundress and ballet flats seemed just right for the occasion.

I was delighted by the food stands: rows of sausages, bowls overflowing with shiny olives, football-sized tomatoes and heaps of perfect pink radishes…

I couldn’t tell if I wanted to eat them or get an outfit that looked like them…

The spices alone were so aesthetically pleasing and then throw in a pile of fresh herbs, and I was cooked.

All the food was distracting, but I still managed to scope style. The most notable were the vibrant bathing suits that were everywhere, in cool cuts and colors.

I was into this printed tankini.

The friendly salesguy was eager to have his photo taken:

And of course, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t snap two stylish French girls who were having a day at the market.

They were dressed completely casually, yet sophisticated (of course)…how fabulously Francais.

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