LKisJetsetter: Flower Power Cannes-Style at Baoli


While in Cannes, there is a spot where the cool kids hang out and it’s called Baoli. On our flight to Frankfurt, a friend and all around jetsetting guy let us know that this place is totally happening in the Port Pierre Canto.

Well, on a day trip from Provence, Birkin and I headed to Baoli anticipating a chic evening and we ended up with way more than we bargained for…

As the sun set, the whole ambiance changed and were knew that we were in for an experience.

Bright colors and flowers abound:

In fact, the gorgeous staff were all decked out in hippy-dippy outfits, complete with inspired headbands.

I was totally into one girl’s awesome brown leather fringe boots…the perfect mix of cowboy and indian.

The place was packed and bottles of Crystal were being cracked regularly. I particularly loved the totally international crowd that came out for this wacky affair.

The lighting and decor was completely over-the-top, and there was no mistaking that we were at the Flower Power party.

I must have been channeling the botany theme, because I had on a fun flirty floral Bestey Johnson dress, (by chance!).

The theme was the groovy 60’s, but there was nothing retro about the vibe at this hotspot.

If you are looking for sensory overload and a hardcore party, make your way to the mega-yacht-stuffed port of Cannes and make sure you head for flowery fun, at Baoli.

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