LKisObsession: Guest Blogger Kelly Jasmine on Chaser Tees


LKisStyle Intern Kelly Jasmine is back with another obsession- this time it’s the search for that edgy/fashion vibe in the perfect concert T-shirt:

In the effort to master the delicate balance of rock ‘n roll-chic, soft graphic tees are a great starting point.

It seems like they’re everywhere, but it’s surprisingly difficult to come across ones that are high quality, have a perfect fit, and do not display cheesy graphics (After all, most concert tees do become pajamas). 

Enter Chaser LA Clothing– these T-shirts definitely fit the bill for me. They are cool, comfortable and come in an array of flattering cuts and colors.

The concert tee has officially become more fashion friendly.

They’re awesome with jeans or shorts, but I especially love Chaser tees when contrasted with ultra-feminine skirts or accessories. 

Pulling from the colors in the shirts to coordinate some more bright pieces into the outfit, is the perfect way to add a more composed vibe to the casual piece.  I love wearing my Van Halen box tee with my orange leather jacket or other orange accessories.

The ‘City of Angels’ style from Chaser has been used in a fun editorial on Lauren Conrad and in a beautifully laid back InStyle spread on Gwyneth Paltrow.

Whatever bands you are die-hard for, or shirt shapes you adore, Chaser has got you covered.

Kelly Jasmine’s obsessed and now so are we…what is your favourite concert T-Shirt? Send us a pic! We wanna know how you wear it best…More from Kelly next week,



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