LKisStreet: The Girls From the Middle East are Stylin’


The best aspect about being in different parts of the world, is spotting the international fashionistas and their interpretation of all things stylish.

Out and about on my travels, I spotted two girls who had awesome feminine style.

After admiring their get-up, they told me that are from the Middle-East and study in London. With a little convincing they agreed to pose for me- but at first it was candid only…

Then I think they knew I was for real, and they agreed to pose-pose.

Their outfits were the perfect combinations of whimsy and chic. I adored the candy colored full minis and the vibrant Chanel bags.

These ladies were not afraid to accessorize and to mix up color, which created a unique and fresh look.

The highlight was the Roberto Cavalli belt, that was totally signature (one of those I-wish-I-could-have-that-accessory-moments).

Travelling is amazing for this exact reason: You walk the streets of whatever country and find that there is style in every corner of the world, you just have to stop, and take it in.

Hope you had a great vacation ladies!



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