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Making an outfit that much better with a few choice touches just got easier with some guidance and examples from our intern Kelly Jasmine: 

We all have some jewelry we love, but how do we give it the optimum shine? 

Too often jewels become the afterthought, that get thrown on when leaving the house, but there’s potential for so much more than just that go-to watch or charm bracelet. 

There’s a certain magic that comes from all your accessories working synergistically, from bracelets, to rings, to nail polish.  This image inspired me and reminded me of this irreplaceable effect.

 Orange polish could be tacky, but not when linked with the luxe connotations of Hermes.  And haven’t we seen this bracelet a million times before?  It’s so much more refreshing with the slightly quirkier matching nail.

I also really love the earthy, stylish vibe of turquoise jewelry, especially when worn with an unexpected edge. 

These two girls made the classic white-outfit-with-turquoise-jewelry more exciting:

One with a beautiful full-hand piece and the other with matching polish (which, again, probably wouldn’t look nearly as cool without the matching jewels).

Of course I have a bit of a weakness for stacked extravagance to begin with, but it’s truly fabulous when big pieces are put on top of a leather glove-  Super-chic and a texturally interesting look.

Of course we can’t coordinate ourselves perfectly every day, but a little thought into what we put together can make a more pronounced statement out of what you already adore.

Words for any fashionista to live by. From one accessories addict to another- love the tips…and now I may have a new fascination with orange nail polish…hmmm…maybe that should be another blog post?!

More from Kelly next week, 



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