LKisStyle: Red, White and Blue/Shoe Day


I have been American….Okay, maybe only an honorary one and a wannabe one, but after countless hours spent filling out visa applications and putting my best foot forward to be gainfully employed in the great nation of the United States, I have a serious appreciation for the land of opportunity.

Not to mention, it’s the originator of my first love: Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

And on July 4th, there is just something that comes over me- I want to appreciate my second home. So here are a few reasons I love the USofA, and the Jeffrey Campbell footwear to match…

1. Stores aren’t just stores, they are football fields. Retail is a sport, and a competitive one at that. Talk about a sentiment that appeals to me.

2. Customer service is a given. Um, people, that is not the case in A LOT of other places.

3. Freedom of speech. I am writing this: need I say more?!

4. Pride is an essential part of any American makeup. I am one prideful little monkey.

5. Canadians are lovingly poked at and appreciated by their southern neighbour (Thanks guys. And yes, we ALL live in igloos).

6. Comfort and excess are a requirement. This is a style component that I employ regularly (the whole “more-is-more” and “bigger-is-better” notion sits rather well with me and my platform shoes, exaggerated silhouettes and giant baubles).

So go ahead and celebrate the great nation on it’s BDay. Every place has its faults, but I prefer to look for the silver lining…on the star spangled banner.

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