LKisEvents: I Modelled Micalla at Montreal Festival Mode & Design


I am used to attending fashion shows from the front row…safe behind the lens of a camera and sitting back and judging. Yup, judging.

Well, my, my, how the tables were turned on me yesterday, when I had the honor of walking (ahem, strutting) the runway wearing gorgeous creations by the wonderful and talented Micalla in the Highlights celebrity fashion show at the Festival Design & Mode, in Montreal.

All I could think of as the call time approached, was how I was officially having a Carrie Bradshaw moment (my girl, VI, was the first to point this out):

Here I was, a writer/fashionista, and by NO means a model about to venture out and strut…

I first had to figure out which black dress I would wear on the runway, in order to best showcase Micalla’s amazing jewellery.

We decided on a black velvet mini-dress.

Then it was on to hair and makeup. The buzz was palpable and every where I looked there were models and local celebs getting primped.

Then it was onto the dressing area. I got to soak it all up as the dressers, designers and models pulled together the highlights of Montreal Fashion Week for this capsule show.

We lined up and checked each other out. Each ‘model’ was wearing a different outfit and was brought on the scene for different reasons.

It was totally interesting to see who was walking in this show: super models, singer/songwriters, TV personalities (oh, ya and me!), bloggers.

I got some coaching on what to do when it was my turn to hit the runway, and then before I knew it, they told me to go, go, go.

And all I could think was: Don’t trip, Don’t trip, Don’t trip…

A sea of people were crowded around the immense runway in the square and the only thing I could see were the flashes of cameras that were everywhere.

I paused in front of the pit (that’s the area where all the photogs take pictures) and then turned to give a little fashionista-pose to the VIP section, and then it was time to strut my stuff back to the stage.

What a whirlwind and an honor to be in this show and to have experienced such a cool event!!!

The whole thing gave me new respect for all the people who are involved with this process season after season- the models, the designers, the orchestrators- it is one hell of a ride…

and thank gawd my Carrie-Bradshaw-ness was relegated to my being a rather undersized model, and my curly blond hair…

I managed to stay on my feet.



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