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While I have already mentioned to y’all that the scene at the Festival Mode & Design in Montreal was jam-packed with fun energy, I can also say that the shows I saw on day two were full of style.

Now, I should mention that these shows were not up-and-coming seasons, rather what is found in the local shopping centres in downtown Montreal (or what will be for Fall 2011)…while these kinds of shows do not give you any insight into future fashions, the shopper in me was happy to get a look at what’s on the shelves at some of my favorite stores.

Here are my favorite in-store looks that hit the runway, day two:

Centre Eaton

I adored the khaki on khaki layers (not to mention the over-the-knee socks – they must be channeling my fellow bloggette, Candice Pantin, who has been rocking that look!!!)

A voluminous mini in a super-fun vibrant color, I thought this was an interesting way to bring a little light into the upcoming cooler months.

 Can you say the 1970’s?! Thrilled with the bell silhouette (ladies, it is WAY flattering).

I have been wearing mini-skirts with bicycle shorts all summer, so I thought this would be a cool fall update to my summer look.

Complex Les Ailes de La Mode

Bright bob wigs gave the styling to this runway show some real pop.

I loved these breezy palazzo pants in royal blue.

My obsession with feathers continues: A feather skirt mixed with stripes – a cool combo of print and texture.

 This look was just fabulously styled…I loved the splashes of red and the little motorcycle jacket that gave this outfit a truly noteworthy vibe.

The Bay

Signature stripes at the Bay show were appealing to my love of all things Canadiana…

… I MUST have this robe:

An adorable take on a peacoat:

There is nothing better than a true cardigan for guys. Add a few signature Bay stripes and it has the perfect mixture of freshness and nostalgia.

A Bay-striped tote?! Where was this when I was heading to the beach?! This would be an adorable weekender or gym bag.

 The Festival Mode & Design  in Montreal truly brings fashion to the street. Part of this process is surveying the fashions available in store and as it turns out, we should all head over to these hot spots and, well, shop!

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