LKisStreet: Be Still my Balmain Heart


I get totally wound up when I uncover a designer who gets it, and while Balmain has always been on my radar, it was not until my summer journey to Europe this year, that I truly became OBSESSED.

Seated next to a huge group of uber-well dressed Russians, I noticed one woman in an absolutely rockstar dress:

Aside from the fact that this specimen of cocktail dress heaven was in my adored color (I love all things Taupe, Nude etc), it also managed to have fringe and stones that detailed the arms and shoulders…

…giving the garment a bit of levity and sophistication simultaneously (not an easy task to accomplish).

Not to mention the notion that this was a dinner outfit- dressing up simply to dine is my kinda’ approach…

I asked her who made the phenomenal dress and with a delightful accent she told me it was Balmain…well, that sent me on a rampage: What have I been missing?!

I scoured the net and realized that this line that fundamentally appeals to my own personal style, is brimming with wonderful fashion finds. Here are a few of my faves:

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