LKisStyle: Styling Montreal Vitamin Daily Editor Jennifer Nachshen, Post 1 of 5 (!)


Personal styling: Being invited into someone’s home and to invade one’s closet is a privilege and can also be a bit daunting.  I adore the task and styling is just something I do…getting paid for it is an added bonus.

Well, when my fabulous and good friend, Jennifer Nachshen, asked me to come help her navigate her closet in the hopes of finding some pre-existing get-ups for the upcoming jam-packed event months, I was both touched and excited! 

So after planning for a week, I headed over to her digs, put on my mouse-ears (thanks Jen!) and got to work.

When asked what she was looking to accomplish, Jen said she wanted help throwing together a few outfits from her already extensive wardrobe.  Jen is in the fashion and social media biz (She is a founding partner at All Beef Media and the Editor for Vitamin Daily Montreal), so she definitely has her finger on the fashion-pulse, but she wanted a little guidance on how to put stuff together, which happens to be my passion in life. 

Check out her gorgeous arrangement of shoes and books (her two favorite things) that she has beside her bed:

I rifled through a huge wardrobe and started pulling all kinds of treasures: dresses, pants, boots, jewelry, and we threw it all on the bed and began to brainstorm. 

Not surprisingly, Jen had all these gorgeous items in her closet just waiting to be worn.

So, first up for Jen this Fall: the LBD.

I can’t stress how a little black dress can be the difference between a stressful and a stress-free life. 

Jen happens to have great long legs and mini-hips, so a little black dress looks extra good on her frame.  But there is nothing chic-er or easier than throwing on a black dress, for anyone, day or night, and heading into the crisp autumn air.

For Daytime: Try doing a casual LBD with Doc Martens (or other rocker boots), a blazer and some bold jewelry.

For night:  Stack on a mix of oversized colorful bangles and a pair of great high heels.  Gladiators are always a welcome addition, especially when they cut your leg low down on your foot. 

Jen’s playful high ponytail made this outfit more flirty and fun.

So for this week, I will post the fashion ideas that emerged from my adventure in Jen-Closet-Wonderland, with Jen as my muse and model, and her closet as the medium. 

Through these ensembles, we explored a few awesome fall trends that shouldn’t be missed!



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