LKisStyle: Styling Montreal Vitamin Daily Editor Jennifer Nachshen, Post 2


My styling adventures with Editor of Vitamin Daily Montreal and Partner at All Beef Media, Jennifer Nachshen continues.  I was asked to help my girl Jen work through her closet and come up with some great Fall looks that she can just mindlessly and effortlessly throw together, as her life is already crazy busy and the fall months make it that much crazier. 

Each day this week, I am posting one of the looks/trends we explored and assembled.

So, day one was all about the LBD, well, day two is about the LBD too, but with a different “B.”

 The little blue dress is a great way to refresh your wardrobe.  A perfect basic color, that goes with any color garment (even black, people, trust me it is the chicest combo), blue is a fresh new take on the little black dress.

I love gold with blue, so we took out a fun gold peacock broach to add a little pizzazz to Jen’s get-up, and then a bold white purse with a gold chain accented this outfit.

I love pairing metallics with anything as I think they should be considered a basic color.  Jen’s sexy gold-tone shoes were the perfect bonus to take this basic flattering shift and give it a little “kick.”

Jen got into her blue get-up and was showing me who was boss in her sassy look 😉

The LBD (black) is considered a classic and I think the LBD (blue) should be, too.  The color highlights virtually every skin tone, can be worn dark (navy = yummy) to ramp up the sultry factor, and has a hint of sophistication (can you say blue-blood?!) that can’t be beat. 

Not to mention the ability to stand out in a fashion-filled crowd, which is usually shrouded in the safer black.

Tomorrow is day three, stay tuned for more from Jen’s closet!



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