LKisStyle: Wackadoodle Shoes, Nutty Footwear Going Mainstream


I love art and I love shoes, put ’em together and what have you got? Wackadoodle shoes. Nutty footwear seems to have been cropping up everywhere these days. Inspired by countless foot-centric traditions (think: S&M, foot-binding, armour…to name a few), shoes are getting kookier, and, frankly, I am into it.

Extreme shoes have been around in pop culture forever, but recently I have been noticing that it is both the true artists and the fashion avant-garde who have jumped on this (teetering) bandwagon.

My fashion inspiration, Daphne Guinness, is a true crazy-shoe wearer:

And no one does wackadoodle like Lady Gaga…can you say ‘meat shoes’?

But if wearing your cold cuts isn’t your thing, nutbar shoes have gone mainstream. Now, whatever your brand of kooky, there are probably shoes close by that will do the trick.

Here are three of my favourite wackadoodle shoes, that I have seen lately:

The Haus of Price Mega Bootie 2 is a bling-lovers dream. So what if you will have to ask people to don protective eye-wear before looking at your feet?

I am not sure I can even comprehend the Senso Delilah shoe. It is a conundrum wrapped in an enigma, and I like it.

Nightwalk is a Jeffrey Campbell masterpiece (I heart you, JC). The gothic meets cartoon elements of this shoe had me at my feet hurt.

I enjoy a good head-scratching accessory, especially shoes that make others wonder how you are walking in/wearing them, or what they could possibly mean.

Well, I can clear these mysteries up for y’all:

You walk in them partly because you just have to and sheer will can get you through a lot (trust me), and because these pieces of wearable art are carefully crafted by true masters who make walking (albeit sometimes, hobbling) possible. As for what they mean? Um, if the shoes are made of filet mignon, they probably have some deeper social message, but my wackadoodle shoes, well, they just make me smile.

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