LKisEvents: Montreal Fashion Week, Day 3


Montreal Fashion Week flew by in a blur. I had the privilege of attending plenty of shows, mingling with lovely peeps and coveting some beautiful clothes.

The third day was a mish-mash of different looks and I was pleasantly surprised by the varied styles and aesthetics that were displayed.

My first show was Duy, and it sure was my kind of show.

A futuristic element (Barbarella-esque) made this basic palette pop, and unique cuts made it fresh and wearable. I was totally into the soft minty green that accented the collection, and the clean lines that were extremely flattering.

The Samuel Dong show was like a watercolor painting. Prints galore in pastel hues definitely invoked the Spring notion of April showers brings May flowers. The shapes were a bit older, but the interesting prints made for an eye-catching and artistic show.

The third show I attended, was a trio of designers: Zenobia Bawa, Ronen Chen, Simon Chang. My P&G Beauty Blogger role allowed me to sneak backstage and scope out the hair and makeup for this fashion-packed show.

For the makeup: Zenobia had a fresh and clean vibe, Ronen Chen added a bit of black for emphasis and Simon Chang had splashes of Crayola-style color across the eyes, that complemented his totally playful collection.

The hair: Intricate low braided buns and warrior-style topknots.

The trio of collections, Zenobia Bawa, Ronen Chen, Simon Chang, were all completely different.

Zenobia was filled with elegant basics that had the perfect touch of feminine detail to make the pieces interesting. I especially liked the goddess inspired flowy dresses, and the touches of bright orange seen throughout the collection (yes, paleez).

Ronen Chen had an earthy vibe, and a relaxed, but precise fit. There was something sophisticated about these understated clothes.

Finally, Simon Chang was certainly memorable. A flamboyant mix of patterns and overt and over-the-top styling made for some rather bold looks, that aren’t for the faint of fashion-heart.

The first thing I noticed at Second (this is sounding like Who’s on First) was the perfume that filled the air, presumably to invoke a sense of spring (strange fact about me: I have a damaged sense of smell, so if I could smell it, I knew it was uber-strong).

The clothes emerged like a pretty landscape painting, but in a cool urban way. A hint of the seventies made this collection totally appeal to me, and I loved the soft color palette that was feminine without being too saccharine sweet or cutesy.

Top it off with a finale of ballerina dancers in jeans, and this was a perfect way to close day three at Montreal Fashion Week.

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