LKisEvents: Montreal Fashion Week, Day 4


My final day of Montreal Fashion Week was short, but pretty darn sweet. I saw two totally different shows and then had to bid my fellow fashionistas adieu (ps: I also managed to lose my keys in a cab and spent the rest of the evening thanking goodness that the cab company found them!!!).

I also had the privilege of sitting next to the official (and totally lovely) style blogger for Montreal Fashion Week, Naomi Larocque, so we compared notes on what it was like to be the official style blogger for Montreal vs. my gig as the official style blogger for Toronto Fashion Week, while taking in the shows.

The first runway show I attended was Iris Setlakwe. This is a relatively conservative collection, with a few 1970’s inspired silhouettes (For a few looks, I was, happily, reminded of Chrissy from Three’s Company).

The fabrics used were impressive and this high quality was evident in the way the garments moved and were constructed. No one look was revolutionary, but I did enjoy the halter white jumpsuit and the lightweight denim coordinated outfits.

The closing show was Bijou Caroline Neron and it was certainly a show. With elaborate (for a runway show) choreography, and different parts to the catwalk experience, it was indulgent. The looks were over-the-top and this made the collection fun to watch (although, I have to complain that the lighting was absolutely horrible).

The collection and styling invoked a sense of a mystical fantasy about the elements. All the jewellery put together might be a bit much for the average gal, but an individual piece from this collection would be a nice addition for any accessories enthusiast.

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