LKisEvents: Montreal Fashion Week, The Style and The Scene


Montreal Fashion Week was a was all about fashion both on and off the runway. The attendees were dripping with personal style and I got a chance to take in tons of great fashion througout the week.

There is always something to see, especially in the front row:

I spotted boatloads of awesome accessories: Rock ‘n roll booties with leather leggings.

Jazzy bracelets…that can also be….

…shoe jewellery!

Textured white tights on the always stylish stems belonging to one Candice Pantin.

A fantastic gold Lego ring (the owner informed me that she made it that night!).

Then there were all the get-ups:

The fierce Miss Sly, looking long and lean in her fab printed maxi.

LKisStyle Intern, Kelly Jasmine, sporting fur and killer kicks.

The stylin’ girls who kinda’ reminded me of a Robert Palmer video.

Part of the Le Chateau posse: Just look at that awesome coif.

Can you say gold sequined leggings? I can. A total do.

Uber-cool Carrie MacPherson was channeling Linda Evans in a vintage 80’s dress.

I spotted a totally sweet minty pleated dress and super-cool coordinated neckpiece.

Then there was Double Trouble.
These two gals need to be mentioned twice because they were just that stylish!

The divine Lisa Sim first looked chic in her Madmen inspired ensemble. Very cool necklace by CIN Tailleurs.

Then on day four, Lisa brought along her best accessories:

Her kids!

They were the life of the party and, oh, my, gosh, could you just die over the matching mommy-daughter dresses?!


Next, is my girl Nour, the Le Chateau firecracker who loves volume and sported a long black sheer maxi over a mini, on day two….

…And a maxi in white over a body suit (so awesome!) on day three.
Love it!

Les Vedettes were also out and about at Montreal Fashion Week:

And we can’t forget the future of Montreal fashion.

Check out the young fashionistas I met backstage:

The experience wouldn’t be complete without a huge delightful bag’o’shwag, that we received after the shows one night.

Filled to the brim with great P&G Beauty items, I was super-happy with my gift bag and my week!

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