LKISObsession: A New Kinda’ Lunch-Bag


Okay, I admit it: I sometimes use a lunch-bag.

I like healthy snacks and sometimes they require refrigeration (yes, an icepack) and I like being earth-friendly or whatever, so I have a lunch-baggy-thing that I use in order to achieve these requirements. Traditionally, this is not the most glamorous of accessories, as it is strictly functional…but, peeps, I have uncovered a solution!

I was at Tiff (Toronto International Film Festival) gifting lounge at the Hazelton and was introduced to SYM.

What does SYM stand for, you ask?

So Young Mother.

Their philosophy: A line of modern family products- fashionable functional bags for cool parents – moms and dads – and/or kids.

They have a few different sizes and I had the privilege of being given the smaller lunch box/bag complete with moped image and fun turquoise detailing.

Oh, and moms, these lunch-bags arePVC-free, phthalate-free, and lead safe….

I always love something that is well thought through and, on that note, aside from the adorable look of this coated linen bag, check out the cute label inside:

In addition, while it isn’t on my radar, apparently the diaper bags from SYM are the best thing going.

 If you aren’t the designer diaper bag type, but want a high quality and totally functional (not to mention adorable) bag to better care for the child in your life, um, the Charlie bag is perfection.

Complete with features like a cel phone pocket, insulated pockets for bottles, adjustable stroller straps, a place for your yoga mat (seriously!), a built in sunglass pocket and a backpack conversion capability (to name a few), this bag is a mom-on-the-go’s solution to everything.

So this company has clearly tapped into a need that is so real.

And while form is my favorite, SYM has made me recognize that function and form together is totally the holy grail.

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