LKisStyle: Styling Montreal Vitamin Daily Editor Jennifer Nachshen, Post 4

The fourth post on styling All Beef Media Partner and Montreal Vitamin Daily Editor Jen Nachshen, is all about a new silhouette.

This fall leave your skinny jeans at home and get in the seventies groove with an amazing pair of bell bottoms.

Now don’t get me wrong, after much protest a few years ago, I gave in and sported skinny jeans (I was not exactly thrilled about it).  But, thank goodness, I had the feeling that bells would be in and started to rock them last Feb.  A few raised eyebrows were no match for my deep relief that my fave slacks were on their way back. 

To my delight, full-legged pants are hitting the mainstream and it is good for everyone involved….I mean, we get to look skinnier, denim companies get to make money selling a new silhouette to stores and we have to spend-spend-spend to restock our wardrobes with the look-de-jour (supply, demand, etc).

The flared pant is the most flattering shape for most body types, and this look was especially complementary on Jen’s long lean frame.  We went for a dark jeans (there is just something chic about a dense denim hue) and a cute flared navy top top that Jen had picked out from her H&M styling challenge.

As for accessories, I grabbed a gray purse with a cute bow that added the perfect girly element.

Suede gray booties tied the look together and with Jen’s hair up she looked ready for anything: a date night with her adorable beau, Sunday brunch with the ladies, or heading to a fabulous fashion industry cocktail party (something she does a lot, people).

A change in trends can be indicative of many things: an evolving economy, politics, values, environments…so, why bell bottoms?  I don’t know. But a new look that is universally flattering and freshens up any wardrobe, sounds pretty groovy to me.



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