LKISEvents: Boardwalk Empire Gala Shoot


What happens when you put together a bunch of eager do-gooder youts (no that isn’t a typo), a burlesque star and a camera crew?
A super-duper invitation to an elaborate for-charity costume party happening this November 5th, at the Mount Stephen club in Montreal.

Picture this:

The theme is Boardwalk Empire and the venue is going to be dotted with little added secrets and touches that will bring the evening to life (and beyond…word is there will be lotsa’ entertainment, a bit o’ gamblin’ and tons of era-specific effects).

The idea came from wanting to do a new and inventive party for a good cause, with an authentic 1920’s vibe. The result: a save-the-date video with all the info, a little sassiness and a lotta’ flare. So, the team got together and shot the video invite….

We get there and start making creative decisions.

A little input from the Board…

The star of our shoot, the glamorous Scarlett James, is so ready for her close-up.

As the night and the shoot progresses, we all start to get a little performance fever…

A then we sit down to watch the experts in action.

A few adjustments to the scene and we are getting close to a finished product.

One last take, a little voice-over work and we were off to the roaring-20’s-races.
Check out the finished product and be sure to come out for a swanky evening at this gin-joint speakeasy… I can’t wait to see what everyone will be wearing!



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