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Another day of LG Fashion Week, Beauty by L’Oreal Paris down and only one left to go! Day four was a melange of different designs and looks from some interesting collections. We had the chance to step into a water-colour painting, float through heavens with goddesses and head out to sea on a boat. Something for everyone…here is my take on the fourth day at Canada’s biggest fashion week.

Sarah Stevenson

Half art installation and half fashion presentation, each vignette was accented by a painting, complete with easel. The clothes were pretty and sweet (without being juvenile) and I was happy to see that the garden party is a work of art for Sarah Stevenson.

Caitlin Power

I had no idea what to expect from Calgary-designer Caitlin Power. And, I think the whole audience would agree that there were some very fresh looks that headed down the runway. The colors were soft and very spring/summer appropriate. A silky jumpsuit and a great lilac and cream maxi dress were just some of the highlights from this airy show.

Golnaz Ashtiani

This show was girly with an edge. A few unique silhouettes gave a cool update to the definition of the power suit (A white cut-out jumpsuit is made borderline work appropriate- pretty awesome). The buzz post show was about the details in the workmanship and the cool reptilian-quality print that popped up in this collection.


Remember in high school, there was a guy at the back of the class who was reading a book just for fun and was edgy but quiet and you just wanted to know more? I think the Krane man is that guy: a little brooding, a hint of mysterious and a style all of his own. The moment that made the crowd ooh and ahh was a jacket that was taken off and then had a strap, for it to be worn as if it were a shoulder bag.

Cynthia Rowley

I am still trying to wrap my head around the connection between fashion and Special K, but regardless the whole fashion environment and Pecaut Square became a platform for healthy living and the designs inspired by this message created by Cynthia Rowley. Real women were the true inspiration and the models were actual Canadian ladies who embodied the healthy lifestyle in Rowley’s red dresses.

Caroline Neron

I had seen Caroline Neron’s show at Montreal Fashion Week earlier this fall and I am extremely happy to say that I actually could see the runway this time around!!! Bedecked in Neron’s creations, the models were goddesses (wind, earth, water) and it was truly showmanship at its best. A bongo player, a live chanteuse, and models that were truly in character wove together the elaborate story created by Neron through her jewellery.


The party was on the boat at Bustle. Nautical and classic, these looks were made for the yacht (or yacht club). Anchors embroidered on blazer pockets, nautical stripes and tons of navy and white, plus a few female models drinking bubbly on an actual boat on the stage, created a playful (and typically Bustle) feel. I was into the hints of pink and purple integrated into these masculine looks.

I cannot believe that day five is next…where did the week go?! The last day will hopefully go out with a bang and I will be ready for one last marathon of fashion!



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