LKISEvents: LG Fashion Week Day One, The Scene


The scene at LG Fashion Week seems to get elevated every year. Fashion is taken quiiiiiiite seriously in this arena and going big/bold or go home is an expression that is embodied by the fashionistas that attend. The vibe on Day one: Bring your Fashion A game!

There to open the doors was the now fashion icon Mr. Jay Manuel (who by the way is totally gracious and lovely…and tall!!!).

The pit was stuffed with photogs totally readying to snap the shows.

Also, on their A game: the gals from the Peacock Parade (who by the way are selling looks straight off the runway today! How cool is that?!).

I snapped an A-worthy, fun, fringe Prada that totally caught my eye.

A glamorous turban worn by my girl Tami was next-level style. She rocked it.

This dress was as bold as they come and it’s wearer and creator made it look effortless (now, that’s how it’s done, people).

Even the volunteers were looking chic in vibrant tights and sparkly berrets.

I decided day one should start with a bang for me too…I wore the magical Micalla piece that I might be obsessed with and a dramatic sweater…

The rest of the week will be packed with stylish show-goers and I have every intention of snapping them all!! Fashion week brings out the fashion best and I can’t wait to see it.

More tomorrow!



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