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Another day done and LG Fashion Week, Beauty by L’Oreal Paris is half over!!! Day three was jammed with shows and there was tons to take in. From darkly futuristic, to a trip down the rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland, the runway was a sight to behold and the seats were crammed with media, fashionistas, sponsors and celebrities. Here are the highlights from the shows that I had the privilege of seeing on day three of LG Fashion Week:

Robert Graham

 What could be bad about walking into a room filled with gorgeous male models wearing crisp summer hues and looking clean-cut and smiling? Trust me: nothing. I could picture going to a backyard barbecue in the Hamptons or clam-digging in Martha’s Vineyard with these boys… Unabashed use of preppy colors (gingham, stripes and checks) in extremely well-tailored looks, brought this installation to life.

Sid Neigum

I knew this show would be on the dark side. Androgynous and menacing, these clothes were intriguing. The platform sandals made of blocks of wood were a little excessive (one model wiped out and I felt truly badly). The looks combined leather, volume and a futuristic (albeit Gothic) darkness.

Marie Saint Pierre

Count on Marie Saint Pierre to show a collection of LBDs (little black dresses) and have enough detail and lovely lines to make it interesting. The neck pieces were to die for (long strands of leather woven together in elegant knots- @DavineMissC, I thought of you!!!). My only complaint? I would have liked to have seen the clothes on live models- I have no doubt that the movement would have brought these truly sophisticated clothes to an even higher level.

Klaxon Howl 

The boys of Klaxon Howl were rugged, and straight outta’ the line of duty. Most of the colors were sandy, dusty, khakis and denim. And the surprising touch of electric red/orange was a great added bonus. Think English Patient and you’ve got the vibe.

Korhani HOme Rug Runway Show

Korhani does it again. I swear, these people know how to put on a show. I didn’t think they could achieve the tremendous showmanship seen at last season’s show (complete with live pink poodle), but I was wrong, wrong, wrong. Opening with a a flight over the dessert, complete with exotic belly-dancing, then onto Miami Vice, moving through the 1980’s and then it was Alice down the rabbit hole (complete with live rabbit). The thing to keep in mind, these designs are ALL made out of carpets….amazing.

Pink Tartan

For spring/summer 2012, Pink Tartan is showing plenty of color- I loved all the cherry red- and feminine silhouettes that had an easy-breezy and yet sophisticated feel. These clothes, as usual, would work in any real woman’s wardrobe and add a little pizazz to a working lunch or a garden cocktail party.

Joe Fresh

Pops of color and preppy cool: Joe Fresh was a hit. The house was packed and the show was utterly delightful. I am still not sure how they make such good-looking clothes and manage to sell them at the price that they do, but heck, I ain’t complaining! I totally want the lemon yellow sweatshirt (made of almost scuba looking neoprene) and the electric orange blazer.

Day three is done and it is on to day four: The week is flying by!!! LG Fashion Week, Beauty by L’Oreal Paris is still going strong and you will get all the goods on day four right here.



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