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Day two of LG Fashion Week, Beauty by L’Oreal Paris was fashion-packed.

Back-to-back shows starting at 1pm made for an extreme runway day. I threw on my second day outfit (yes, they are all planned in advance!) and headed for Pecaut Square to start this style-studded marathon. Here are my thoughts and shots on the shows I saw on day two of Toronto Fashion Week.

Amanda Lew Kee

Amanda Lew Kee is not only a lovely person, but she is an extraordinary talent (dare I say prodigy?) and she always manages to push the envelope on the runway. This season was no exception: sporty outfits were modernized (future-ized/urbanized) with a fresh print (I was digging it more for a scarf than for a T-Shirt) and layers of shear fabric. I fell in LOVE with the silk side slit pants.

Joeffer Caoc

Sitting in the front row waiting for Joeffer Caoc to begin, I overheard the Canadian Fashion Journalist icon, Jeanne Beker, say that it was a travesty that this show wasn’t more packed with attendees. She was right. This show was a unique combination of athletic and elegant. The clothes were crisp and clean and by the end of the show I was trying to figure out a way to integrate silver lame hot-shorts into my wardrobe….

Tosca Delfino 

This swimwear line opened with a fashion film of a model jumping out of a plane while wearing a bikini (which managed to stay on, btw!). The girls strutted the runway with tons of sass and little details made the bathing suits interesting…which is no easy task when it comes to fabric that can only be cut so big. I thought the hooded one-piece was great and the bathing suit with hip cut-outs was a stand-out look (although, I am not sure what you do about the tan lines?!).

 Laura Siegel

Welcome to the blue lagoon. Shipwrecked and fabulous was the vibe of this show and I was so into it.

Fabrics layered upon fabrics created volume and lost at sea romance. Hints of ti-dye made the models look more stranded-pirate-princesses instead of hippies-at-the-Dead-show. I ADORED the fringed leg and the arm warmers and I could totally see wearing these pieces effortlessly come this spring.

Mercedes-Benz StartUp

I had the privilege of attending the Mercedes-Benz StartUp show in Montreal, and it was pretty exciting to be able to come to the finale and see these up-and-coming fashion-masters at work. This was a contest for new designers to showcase their talent and have the opportunity to win financial and mentorship support for their work. I overheard and totally agreed with an attendee after the show, who said that it was like watching a good reality TV show on fast forward.


First up, was UNTTLD with contradictions as the base for this collection (hard/soft, dark/light etc).


This sibling design team is all for getting on your custom motorbike (they do that too!) and heading from a ride to a party. Fitted denim cut right is how I would describe this taste of Triarchy.

Cassie Dee

This line was extremely well-tailored. Western details were integrated and feminized.

Travis Taddeo

Taddeo’s look is totally edgy. He has his finger on the pulse of what an ‘individual’ would want to wear.

Martin Lim

And the winner is? Yup, Martin Lim. They captured Spring/Summer 2012 with an electric pink and well-finished and original pieces.

Chloe Comme Parris

Judging by the immense line up to get in and the crowd at this show, this collection should not have been shown in the Studio. These looks could have used a long runway to showcase a totally cohesive line. Completely wearable and still, a lot of the pieces had really captivating silhouettes (I loved the use of the cape and a hint of flattering volume in some of the jackets).


I know Lovas was meant to be a trip to the Carribean islands, but I felt a distinct tribal vibe from this show. Color-blocked pieces and any-woman basics came down the runway. These looks were described as taking you from a lazy day on the island, to a “steamy” night out.

Another day is done and I am already wondering what is I will get to see today at LG Fashion Week!

Promise to fill you in,



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