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The last day of LG Fashion Week, Beauty by L’Oreal Paris was filled to the brim with fashion, meaning and focus. I was smitten by up-and-coming visionaries and tried and true Canadian design icons. With underlying messages and truly beautiful clothes, some of these collection reinforced the notion of Canada’s fashion week.


I am biased on this one. I happen to adore the designer, Camilla (who doesn’t, btw?!) and I also happen to absolutely fall completely in love with virtually everything she makes. This collection took her aesthetic (and mine) to new heights: shimmering layers of floating chainmail, hunks of gorgeous stones and crystals. I was basically a kid in a jewellery candy store.

Baby Steinberg

The Remnants show from Baby Steinberg was truly an interesting one. Using the selvages from fabric (for those of us that don’t know, that means the self-finished edges of fabric- kinda’ like cutting off the crust on your toast, only picture a textile), she created some completely wearable and (obviously) unique pieces. I am still thinking about a dramatic green woven dress with feathers at the shoulders… both the message behind it and the party I might wear it to.

Cydelic by Choryin 

Again, at this show, I do have a bias: I have met Choryin and he is a delightful, and an extremely hard-working designer. But my adoration for his delicious character wouldn’t matter at this show, because it was an utterly original and visionary look into a futuristic and imaginative world of fashion. Everyone wanted a closer look at his bags (inspired by creatures of our world, reinterpreted to exist in his) and I was struck by the mod/futuristic shapes and designs.

Lauren Bagliore

Lauren Bagliore’s collection was minimalistic and wearable. All the garments were black, white (or a combination of the too) or grey, and elaborate draping ruled the runway. Sleeves, seams and closures were knotted and folded so that I almost wanted to to take the time to study the construction by unravelling them. My only issue would be that most of these garments are not for those who need to wear a bra and/or are body-conscious…

Judith & Charles

I will say it again: put clothes on live models!!! I like the notion of an installation, but there is something about mannequins that just didn’t (and generally doesn’t) do these clothes justice. Sleek lines, effortless ready-to-wear looks were displayed in the studio. I really liked the horizontally striped blazer and the fact that this truly was a cohesive collection. A black jumpsuit was made perfectly: not too clingy and totally cut for the everyday woman.

David Dixon

The last two shows of LG Fashion Week, L’Oreal Paris were two of Canada’s masterclass of design. And who better to represent that, than David Dixon. A very extensive collection in black white and a pop of (a really beautiful) lemon yellow graced the runway. I always get a hint of times gone by when I see Dixon’s clothes. There is a hint of nostalgia in his clean lines and feminine looks (I get an early 1960’s feel), but then there is a little reminder that this is a modern vision, like the AMAZING accessorizing that totally brought the vibe into today.

Denis Gagnon

The closing show for this season’s fashion week was Denis Gagnon and what a show. I had heard that the collection had florals in it and I was weary of what I would see. I have to say I was totally pleasantly surprised and delighted once again by Denis Gagnon. A (very) long fashion film began the show and then the lights came up and models pranced down the runway to sweet, fun French tunes, blowing kisses and skipping to the beat. The interesting contradiction of leather and harder details with avant-garde cuts and floral patterns made for a tremendous combo of masculine and feminine. Not to mention the final look which was two women dressed as man and wife walking down the aisle: a great and powerful message to end an amazing week.

So, that’s it!!! Another fashion week done! Tons of shows seen and piles of style taken in. I had so much fun viewing the collections and now we’ll just have to wait ’til spring for another Toronto fashion week.

See you on the runway!



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