LKISEvents: LG Fashion Week The Scene, Day Five


On the fifth and final day of LG Fashion Week, Beauty by L’Oreal, there is only one way to describe the scene: personal style at its best. A grand finale of fashion showed up in a major way, and I am talking off the runway, people. The overwhelming (and delightful sense) I got was fashion is about self expression and it is pretty darn cool to look around a room and totally comfortable with fellow style-minded folks.

The fashion-set came out with looks of their own, celebrating personal style (exponentially), like this great Harujuku girl-esque get-up.

And check out this attendee who exuded fashion attitude.

The week was all about the fashion industry coming together and like-minded was embodied with these two gals, who were digging their fur accents from Caroline Furs.

This chic duo was enjoy the scene in the most fashionable way:

There were all kinds of accents that made for truly personal style, like these rock ‘n roll gloves.

A delightful head piece totally stood out.

And, check out this added touch that made me rethink my own scarf collection.

And don’t forget fancy footwear as a fashion statement, like these amazing shoes:

Making a splash was easy with this glamorous feathered neck piece.

And speaking of feathers, this tall drink of water made all the feathered pieces seen in this pic- he is one to watch (and he is only 20!!!).

If you are going to be a fashionista, what is better than doubling up, like these twin bloggers who embodied personal style x 2.

And if you needed proof that fashion is for everyone, just check out rodeo champ Chad Besplug, who inspired me to don a cowboy hat (well…for the picture, anyway).

What could be more of a personal style statement than supporting the designers seen on day five. These next two show-goers were both wearing Cydelic to the Cydelic runway show, demonstrating their allegiance to the designer.

And of course, on my fifth and final day of fashion week, I sported Micalla to the Micalla show!

Walking out of the last day of fashion week, I felt truly at home and the message was clear: take risks, be yourself and express your own aesthetic. After all, that is what personal style is all about.



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