LKISEvents: LG Fashion Week, This Season’s Final Words


After a packed week and a lot of fashion-filled fun, it was time to pack up and head home. I had a great time at LG Fashion Week, Beauty by L’Oreal Paris, but every season going through this process of socializing, styling and writing propels me to reflect on my experience and this year was no exception. I started to think about all the ways that “CanadaCool,” this season’s theme, came to life and upon reflection, I realize that there was no shortage of examples at Pecaut Square.

So what is CanadaCool?

Well, here is what I think:

First up: Canada is all about embracing individuality (I mean each province has it’s own history, culture..etc) and the amazing personal style at Toronto fashion week is no different.

CanadaCool at fashion week was made especially cool when I realized that the future of fashion looks bright and there is a younger generation that is just going to keep moving it forward.

It’s also about embracing those in our industry (and country for that matter) like these ladies- what is better than good friends?!

Giving is pretty CanadaCool- and the plethora of shwag bags at Fashion Week embodied this (fantabulous) notion!

Another great concept is to work together, and I have to say the media lounge was where all members of the media hung out, collaborated and helped one another.

Speaking of working well together, I can say that the boys from IMG Canada do just that (and look darn good doing it- how Canadian fashion week is that?).

This event is all about aesthetics, but this model conveyed the all-important lesson in coolness: brains and beauty…

Celebrating our roots is pretty CanadaCool, like a nod to the mounties from Zoomer editor-in-cheif Suzanne Boyd.

Being supportive? How Canadian is that?! Well, that was totally demonstrated by designers coming out to support their fellow designers, like Wesley Badanjak from the label Lovas attending the Denis Gagnon show.

I think the poster-children for CanadaCool have to be Eddie Malter and Eric Del Monaco, the ultimate makeup and hair team from L’Oreal Paris, who also happen to be two of the loveliest men in the biz.

Also pretty CanadaCool: DHL’s foray into the fashion realm with a booth where they set up a photoshoot for fashion week attendees. Super-fun to get to be a part of fashion week in a whole new way. The lesson here: Innovate and work it!

Checkout my photos (one with my fashion-partner-in-crime Spiro Mandylor) shot by the amazing Steve Carty and a little accessories styling by the lovely  Talia Brown.

And what is cooler than going for the gold? Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir know what it is to be totally gracious and achieve in spades, and that is as CanadaCool as you can get.

So, pride, attitude, individuality, style and…well… being nice.

Those are my CanadaCool lessons from this season at LG Fashion Week, Beauty by L’Oreal Paris and I am sure there will be lots more to take in next year.

See you on the runway in the Spring…

and, until then, stay warm, or cool…depending on how you look at it!



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