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Fashion is a competitive industry, right? So why not celebrate this fact with a huge event, a trunk show and contest for up-and-coming Canadian designers, complete with celebrity judges, cocktails and hoards of people! That is exactly what happened at the Art of Fashion event this past weekend held at the Pantages Hotel in downtown Toronto.

The city was buzzing with folks exploring the many sites of Nuit Blanche. And we all kept remarking at how the people just kept piling in to shop, peruse and party.

The judging panel had a tough job ahead: there were so many amazing designs to look at. Here are two of the judges, major designer David Dixon and the lovely Lynda Jargos-May, that were there to score the designers.

I am on the board of directors for this event so I am kinda biased, but the fashions that were displayed as part of the competition were truly remarkable.

My role at this great event was to hang out, be helpful and as it turns out, be the face of our social media program with Tech Tap.

Check out this cool technology that was found throughout the event. It allowed passersby to be interviewed (by yours truly) on a giant touch screen and then upload their answers to social media outlets:

And ps: I got to wear that chic necklace courtesy of Micalla (thanks ladies!).

The evening was totally jammed with attendees and they were busy checking out the displays and enjoying the fashion installations. The top ten competing design finalists were:

Joobo Shim

  Meghan Erin

Christy Litster

Rebecca Collins

Albert Yuen

Seema Patel

Katherine Laird&Jennifer Murtagh

Elissa Contino

Tiffany Briseno

Denise David

Here are some highlights from the displays that each designer put together:

Also at the event were scores of vendors selling their awesome stuff and showing considerable talent.

I also got to chat with last year’s Art of Fashion winner, Stema, who makes amazing custom dresses with tons of flare.

Working with such an amazing board was quite the experience and it was especially great to see how everything came together. Not to mention the tons of volunteers who came out to help put on this evening and make it a huge success.

Not to mention the amazing Michelle PLanche, president of ARt of Fashion and a mega event specialist.

(Also kind of love that we were both on the emerald green plan!)

Encouraging Canadian design and fostering the creative process is something I am proud to participate in. And being a part of Art of Fashion, an organization that is forwarding this cause and perpetuating great fashion, is a fantastic way to accomplish just that.

Now that is my kind of night.



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