LKISStyle: What to Wear to a Boardwalk Empire Gala (with flare!)


I know most people will look at this post and think: Halloween.
And, while dressing like it’s the roaring twenties would be perfectly appropriate for any costume shin-dig, I was thinking about the upcoming: Boardwalk Empire Gala.
So, I set off on a little adventure to see what one could/should to wear to such an event…

First, I researched the 1920’s. It seems this was a time of liberation…and freedom means shorter hems, more daring cuts and extravagant colours.
Women were embracing this new found freedom with clothes that literally allowed them to move more freely. And guys were moving away from stuffy get-ups to what we now know as the suit (doesn’t sound like a revolution, but just ask Coco Chanel, it was).

Hats and adornments from this era were common place and accessories said: “Here I am and I am ready to celebrate (the end of war, the flagrant disregard for prohibition, technological advances).”
Well, a celebration sounds mighty good to me….

I decided after reading about the 1920’s, I should head to a costume shop and see what it’s all about.
You know, get in the spirit. I headed to local Montreal costumer mecca Ponton and began to pull looks from the 1920s (turns out they are willing to give any Boardwalk Empire Gala go-ers a 25% discount off their 1920’s gear!!!!).

Well, how does a girl get swanky (that’s 20’s speak for decked out)?

She heads to the third floor, and starts going for the good stuff.
First up, you need the added touches: fringe and headgear. Try a feather or a cloche hat for added era accuracy. And don’t forget the bob hairstyle: girls of this time were chopping off their hair and loving it.

I tried the traditional flapper dress:
Fringe, boa, long strand of beads, and glamorous long gloves.
Knee-length hem is key, dames.

Next up was my 1920s high-end day look: Felt hat, fur stole, and dropped-waist dress.

And finally, my grande dame look.

I was totally into this one:

Head for the second floor for all your ’20s duds.

As for hats,  upper crust men wore top hats or homburgs.
Middle glass gents went for the fedora or the trilby (and the straw boater in the summer months).
Working class guys wore a newsboy cap or none at all.

And you can’t beat a tribute to Lucky, Nucky, Al and Meyer with your best gangster-chic threads.

If you are looking for a more modern interpretation of the 1920’s, look no further than your local department store. 

Try designer Sue Wong, who does amazing 1920’s inspired looks and totally elegant and sophisticated dresses, perfect for a hotly-totsy event.

So, I guess I will don my flamboyant best for this gala, with a little jazz (think Chicago, the musical) and alotta sass.

Be sure to get your gams to the Mount Stephen club on Nov.5th for a sensational evening (and view the invitation here)…

See you on the boardwalk!



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